f Southeastern Innovative Users Group

Southeastern Innovative Users Group


Any southeastern library which owns an Innovative Interfaces, Inc. system (Millennium or character-based) may join the Southeastern Innovative Users Group. Institutional and individual memberships are available.

Membership dues are $60 per institution or $15 per individual for the period July 1 - Juner 30.  Please note: the fee for membership $60/$15 regardless of when the institution/individual joins during the membership year.

Site contacts will receive an invoice by the end of July. If you need to do this at a different time or you did not receive the form, you may print a copy of the institutional membership renewal invoice. (MS Word)

New Member Libraries should follow one of these simple procedures:

Print a copy of the institutional membership invoice for 2010/2011 (MS Word)

Print a copy of the personal membership invoice for 2010/2011 (MS Word)


  • Periodic emails detailing the group's services and upcoming events.
  • Meet annually with fellow Innovative/Millennium users and discuss issues of concern
  • Receive notification of regional Innovative workshops throughout the year sponsored by SIUG
  • Learn about new products directly from Innovative Interfaces staff
  • Share ideas and seek assistance from regional libraries via the listserv
  • Gather and disseminate information on the use of III products



Last updated September 8, 2017