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2017 ANNUAL CONFERENCE - November 3rd 2017

We regret to inform you that we are cancelling the SIUG conference scheduled for November. A number of mitigating factors were at fault and we ask for your patience as we work to make the best conference we can happen early in 2018. If you have any ideas or thoughts about what you would like to see in a regional users group meeting please forward those to an SIUG officer and we will work to include them.

Past Annual Meeting Presentations & Minutes

2014 Meeting

Top Ten Tactics for Tackling an Authority Control Project with Millennium

System & Process Changes in the Move to EBSCO Discovery Service (Powerpoint)

Data bricolage: mixed methods to verify, summarize, clean and enhance data in and out of the ILS (Powerpoint)

To Host, or Not to Host, That is the Question (Powerpoint)

2013 Meeting

Because Our Director Told Us So: Appalachian's Delayed Discovery Service Experience

Sierra Early Implementer - A Reality Check

2012 Meeting

Statistics What I Know for Sure

ERM Public (OPAC) Interface Customizations Tips and Tricks

2011 Meeting

The Devil's in the Details - Connecting the Dots with YBP and Millennium and Shelf Ready Acquisitions (Powerpoint)

Collection Management Using III Reports: Inventory and Relocation of Materials (Powerpoint)

Adding Departmental Libraries in a Shared ILS System (Powerpoint)

Departmental Libraries Cooperative Agreement (Word)

2010 Meeting

Web Logs (Powerpoint)

2008 Meeting

Wireless Workshop Module (Powerpoint)

Enhancing your OPAC through Third Party Applications (Powerpoint)

Label Printing Using iReport (Powerpoint)

Label Printing Using Rasmussen Software Print Wizard (Powerpoint)

Getting the most from your Millennium data: Using Office to enhance Millennium’s reporting capabilities (PDF)

2007 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 2007 (PDF)

Inventory Process (Powerpoint)

Circulation Roundtable 2007(MS Word)

Systems/OPAC Roundtable 2007 (MS Word)

Past Workshop Presentations


ERM Implentation (Powerpoint)

Millennium Statistics (Powerpoint)

Web Options (Powerpoint)

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